Jim Attebery (Gentleman Jim) and I had planned this trip a year or so back. Over that period of time we added a few other riders that might go with us. When the day came to leave there was Jim, myself and only one additional face to the adventure, Brian Huffman (Bhuff). Originally I had a destination for Bonneville over Labor Day Weekend to watch a bike I had worked on run at the Salt Flats. Within a week of leaving my friend cancelled his run for a record until the following year. With those plans out the door we left with only one destination other than red rock country of Colorado and Utah and that was our meeting point in Loveland, Colorado. Jim would be leaving from Puyallup, Washington and Brian and I from Hartford City, Indiana. What happened next was one of the best “follow your front wheel” adventures I’ve ever been on. Some trips were meant to happen and this was one of them. We packed thousands of miles, five national parks and some of the best roads in America in ten days. Enjoy the ride!