What is BikeNutz?

BikeNutz was born of a forty year love affair with riding motorcycles and a lifetime love of creating and collecting art. To me they go hand in hand. How can one be so caught up in that moment on a bike and not feel the need to express it? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a good story, that once in a lifetime shot or a song that takes you there; when art captures the “soul in motion” it can be a powerful thing.

If you’re like me you knew the instant you climbed on your first bike the experience changed you for life. That no matter what road you chose to go down in life this one thing, motorcycling, would forever be an identifying part of you. It would never be just a fad. It’s always been about the adventures and the friendships. You’re the person who waves back no matter what you or I are riding.

BikeNutz was also born of my personal passion for freedom and the American way. Pouring all of your knowledge and your best efforts into creating a business is a risky deal at best. But most importantly it’s one of the highest expressions of freedom.

BikeNutz is an outlet to scratch my creative itch. Original art, photography, t-shirts and various other mediums of print will all be explored here along with story telling and road reviews. This effort will never be exclusively about any one brand of bike or any one style of riding but about the passion that drives us to do it, no matter what form it takes. If money is the horsepower that fuels this industry then passion is the torque. With the right mix of everything this could be one hell of a ride.

This site is more than art seen through the eyes of a Midwestern gearhead. It’s about all the family members and friends who help support it. My wife Kim of thirty years is keeping the books on this adventure and has tolerated me packing up the bike and taking off into the unknown for weeks at a time. My son, JB3, can take credit for this that you see here. He is the link between the website and me. And, without the cooperation of many friends, motorcyclists and landowners none of the photos here would exist. I owe my thanks to all of them.

Thanks for stopping by. I encourage you to check our links page for sites that I frequent, many of whom I call friends. I hope you find all of this interesting enough to stop back. Your patronage, feedback and/or questions are always welcome.

Ride Safe Always,