Back In The Garage!

Currently the we have been using Adventure Rider as a posting site for all the work going on in the shop. We have several bike builds in process but the one we’re most excited about is a bike called GRIM. It is a 1978 Kawasaki KZ400B that is going through some major changes. Click on the link to check it out.

In the process of searching for parts and ideas I found Joe Cooper of Cooper Smithing Co. We found a fender sold by Lowbrow Customs from him but in the wrong dimensions. Making contact directly we found he made one the right size for the rear but did not make a front fender. However, he offered to make one. With a little research we found he’s been around for a while and is well known. It’s really cool to have his parts on the GRIM bike. Thanks Joe!

A traveling friend and I took a trip to southern Indiana and spent several wonderful days on the road and away from the jobs and the turmoil of the times we live in. The first day of the ride is documented HERE. Scroll down to view the following days.

So with the times and the self-inflicted workload in the shop following drifters and adventurers on YouTube is a grand alternative to the B.S. that gets spewed on TV. The life of Scooter Tramp Scotty, Itchy Boots, Million Dollar Bogan and even SV Delos are the most watched in the shop. With not a lot of downtime it is nice to live vicariously through their adventures in 15 – 30 minute doses. Keeps the blood warm.

We’ve also updated the Masterlinks Page so check it out. Lots of new links with the dead links removed. More coming soon!

Ride Safe Always,
March 30, 2021